The OCEAN MARINE GROUP combines the specialist capabilities of 3 independent and distinct companies to offer a range of services to Clients:


  • ETPM : a specialist Marine Recruitment company.
  • Pirie & Smith : a Marine Engineering, Survey and DP Assurance company.
  • Underwater Contracting ( “UCO”) : a provider of bespoke underwater tooling and ROV Equipment services.


With an extensive history of providing high quality personnel and services to some of the largest Marine Contractors and Vessel Owners on a worldwide basis, we understand the market and how to deliver excellence across our range of services.

Our Values

The Ocean Marine Group aim to deliver against three guiding principles:


As a group, we strive to better our services, investing in new technology and processes to make our business efficient, which in turn adds value to yours. 

Service Orientated

We understand the need to deliver, consistently. 

The Company has a team of specialist personnel and range of equipment to ensure efficient scheduling, and to meet the demands of time critical orders. Whether it is the provision of personnel for a project, attendance for a Survey or delivering an ROV to maintain  Aquaculture sites, the principle of delivering the best possible service remains our focus. 


The maturity of our group speaks for itself, although we continue to evolve and invest in new equipment and technologies to keep us at the forefront of industry,  adapting to new opportunities and methods to add value to our clients. 

Our Companies are regarded  as a trusted partner for many of our clients, but we don’t take that lightly. We understand that we need to continue to prove our worth and deliver the same high quality service, first time, every time. 

Our Companies are members of the following Associations: 

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